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I specialize in strategies built on my experience working with manufacturing and distribution businesses in St. Cloud, MN and Central Minnesota as well as Northwestern and Southwestern Minnesota. Supply chains, competitive advantage, and innovations designed to increase market share keep us focused on profit, growth and long-term success.

What is Strategic Leadership Business Consulting?

CEO Business woman for Executive Coaching

The word "Strategic" tells us that a leader engages in careful, clear thinking, designed to advance her vision for the company, and does so in a way that maximizes the impact of her strategy. It includes translating the vision into plans and building flexibility into those plans.

"Leadership" is setting an example by effectively communicating her plan to all who are tasked with implementing it. But it is more than communicating... Leaders also confidently inspire their firm's people to enthusiastically execute their strategic plans.

Is CEO Executive Coaching For You?

Working with an executive coach is a format enabling you to grow as a leader and a person. Both competence and confidence are likely to increase. The executive coaching, business, and consulting clients that I have worked with saw their increased confidence and competence transfer to more profitability and growth for the companies that they run.

Executive coaching will be beneficial if any of the following apply to you:

  • You head up an organization whose continued success depends on the quality of your decisions
  • You are responsible for a team of people, and
  • Your organization has a handful of employees or a workforce in the hundreds
  • You have the authority to make significant decisions in your organization
  • You would like to confide in someone who can grasp the complexity of your organizational challenges
  • Complete confidentiality is of vital importance for you
  • You would like to receive unbiased feedback
  • You wish to reallocate your time, away from your operations, (doing a lot of the actual business operations yourself).
  • Instead, you wish to devote your time to creative, strategic planning, delegating and increased time for your personal life

You may also call or text Richard Chandler, MA, LPC, at 320-223-9481 to discover how executive coaching helps you to have a bigger and brighter future. There is no charge for a short telephone conversation, text, or email exchange.

Strategic Leadership Success Begins with a Curious Inquiry, Listening Carefully to Your Challenges

Central MN Executive Planning Operations with Hand on an Organization Chart

Together We May Discover:

  • Your underdeveloped personal strengths
  • Your deeper life mission as well as your current goals and objectives
  • Your preferred ways of accessing your inner and outer world
  • Your possible blind spots in seeing, hearing and feeling what is internally and externally occurring
  • The ways in which your communication to others may be enhanced, to better connect and so you may be more clearly understood
Bright Ideas for Business with Light Bulb and Chart

Insightful Analysis Leads to a Fresh, Creative Focus for Setting & Fine-tuning Your Goals:

  • Goals that are motivating, energizing and possible due to being strategically focused
  • Based on their likelihood to move you and your executive team forward in accomplishing organizational results and also in improving your professional lives
  • Giving thought to how your goals support life-balance and richer personal life for you and all of your employees.
Ladder on industrial silo of Alexandria, Minnesota Waste Treatment Plant

Strategies for the Accomplishment of Your Goals are Clearly Defined:

A primary duty of your strategic leadership business consultant is to help you to provide you with a sounding board so you may effectively:

  • Assess realistic time parameters for projects
  • Map out the "How To" of achievement
  • Incorporate real-world feedback to  fine-tune your goal-achievement strategies
  • Acknowledge and celebrate milestones as goals are achieved
A Minnesota Distribution Company CEO Executive

A Central Minnesota CEO Client Review

"Over the past four years spent working with Richard, I have grown a tremendous amount. Not only individually and personally, but also with my business. It started out as an avenue to discuss personal matters, including the untimely death of my father, and eventually elevated to a business mentorship relationship. With my family business, there are different areas needing attention personally, which ultimately lead directly to my work life.

Richard has helped bridge the gap between my personal life, the sharing of information with my family and friends and running the company that is now much more successful today than it was four years ago. I genuinely attribute some of that success to him. Having an avenue to discuss my company matters with someone who is entirely unbiased is extremely helpful in growing your business. You can discuss any subject, with any level of concern, and always take away valuable feedback on the information on topics that you may not otherwise wish to consult with colleagues or business partners.

Before working with Richard, my life was too consumed in the operations of my business, which ultimately led to difficulties in my personal life. Being able to have help in dealing with everything from personal issues with family members, to developing a strategy to help create a new management team within my business, has been bar none the most productive use of my time versus having to find help from two different sources. It is hard enough to find someone so skilled in those areas individually, but to have Richard’s ability to navigate them together, is a lasting investment of my time and worthwhile personally and professionally.

It is sometimes hard to navigate through the cloudiness that life in business can provide. Sometimes deciphering those differences in how your personal life is running, is entirely different than how your business needs to be run. When you have a lack of direction on either, it can make both areas fall short of equilibrium, and you end up fighting harder to make sense of either. Having council in these areas together is the only thing that will help clear the clouds.

I now find time to get out of the office and enjoy personal hobbies and my family time, which otherwise would have gone to the wayside. The relationship with my wife and daughter have only strengthened, my stress levels have minimized from where they were, and my relationship with other family members has improved."

Richard Chandler Strategic Consultant

Richard Chandler, MA, LPC, Confidential Strategy Consulting

Confidential One-to-One Executive Coaching Focussed on You 

We Discuss Your Current Business

We talk about your business in detail, including its present challenges and opportunities, as well as where you would like to see going in the short and long term.  I provide a supportive sounding board for your ideas and also might suggest creative ways to look at your business ideas, seeing them from a fresh perspective. My usual process is to ask questions.

Answer Questions Based on Proven Success Strategies

Those questions are informed by what has been successful based on businesses that I have worked with, as well as the best strategic leadership processes that I have studied.

Examine How Your Business Can Serve Your Personal Life

The rest of your life informs our discussion. What you do in your business has an impact on your personal life and your relationships with your family.  We want to make sure that any decisions that you make sense in the totality of your life rather than only being made in isolation of your life.  Ultimately, your business needs to serve your life, rather than you becoming a complete servant to your business.

Achieve a Balanced and Happy Life

My training and work in psychology allow us to seamlessly talk about your business and your personal life in conjunction with each other so that you can achieve significant business success and still have a sane, happy life.

What is the Differnce Between Executive Coaching and Business Consulting?

Business consultants and Executive Coaches often use these terms interchangeably as it is common for the same consultant to serve in the role of Executive Coach as well as actively consult, often doing so with the same organization. The surest way to define those differences is to consider the focus wanted by the business owner or CEO.

Executive Coaching

With Executive Coaching, the relationship is personal, confidential and focused on the business owner or CEO as a person. He or she benefits from skilled listening, insightful questioning and encouraging guidance of the Executive Coach. A central purpose of the relationship is to help the CEO or business owner to grow as an effective leader.

Although it is not psychotherapy, the work process of executive coaching typically results in professional and personal growth, stronger relationships with executive team members and increased workplace and home life balance. The role of the executive coach is to help lead his or her clients to their decisions rather than directly advise them on what is best to do.

Business Consulting and Management Consulting

Here the consultant typically has a greater focus on the business itself rather than the business owner or CEO, as a person. It is about guiding the organization towards better strategies, processes and leadership decisions. Therefore, greater emphasis on advising is what is wanted and intended by the business organization to help them make their best strategic decisions.

Therefore, greater emphasis on advising is what is wanted and intended by the business organization to help them make their best strategic decisions. Thus, the role of the consultant may be more directive than would be the case if he or she was functioning strictly as an Executive Coach.

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What is My Investment to Work with Richard or Grant Chandler?

  • Simply call or text at 320-223-9481 or email at for a no-cost consultation
  • We will explore if working together may make sense for you and your company
  • We will do our best to make answer your questions so that you can be sure that your profitability can be improved through our strategic leadership or digital marketing consulting services
  • Your cost is $150 per hour for one-to-one confidential time devoted to deeply understanding your situation, goals and for delivering solutions
  • For the time we devote to researching and developing optimal strategies for your company and you, we charge $100 per hour
  • All proposed work is discussed and agreed to prior to proceeding so there are no hidden costs or surprises
  • Discounted pricing available on packages, including our strategic and digital strategy audits
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