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During times of uncertainty, more creative solutions are required. Consider making a small investment that may have a large return. Talk with us. We can help.

Through confidential one-to-one business consulting and executive coaching for owners, CEO's, and their executive leadership, and operational leadership teams, we bring clarity, focus, and creative insight, leading to better decisions. Contact us for a short, no-cost consult to discover how a confidential sounding board may jump-start your leadership results.

Founded 2012

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Our Areas of Expertise

We focus on your strategic growth opportunities.

Business Partners Counseling

Richard Chandler revitalizes troubled business partnerships through combining a counselor's skillset with extensive business ownership experience.

Business Owner Executive Coaching

Unlock your full potential and become a highly effective leader through our Executive Coaching program. Take the next step in your professional journey.

Resolving Workplace Conflict

Resolve workplace conflicts effectively and create a harmonious work environment with our expert guidance, consulting and workshops.

Business Process Management

Optimize your business processes for maximum efficiency and productivity, and stay ahead of the competition.

Business Strategy Audit

Assess and enhance your business strategy with our in-depth audit and gain valuable insights for future growth.

Marketing Automation Consulting

Streamline your marketing efforts and leverage the power of automation for your business.

We Identify the Best Opportunities to Boost Margins

Improving communication through Myers-Briggs

Working with a strategic leadership consultant, also known as an executive coach, is a format enabling you to grow as a leader and a person.

We do executive coaching for one owner or up to 4 owners.

Our executive coaching business owners have increased their confidence and competence, resulting in higher profits and growth for their companies.

What Results Can You Expect from Strategic Business Consulting?

  • Reduce the time you devote to operations
  • Reallocate your time to so you can work on the strategy of growing your business
  • Work less hours and have more  personal time for friends, family and hobbies
  • Improve relationships with your executive team, employees, customers and vendors
  • Grow your organization despite devoting less of your direct, day-to-day involvement
  • Learn how to create effective, strategic plans for your business.  Here is the link to an article that I wrote showing you how.
Coworkers increasing organizational adaptability

The Strategic Leadership Consultants Team

Richard Chandler Executive Coach and Strategic Consultant

Richard Chandler, MA, LPC, Level 2 Adaptability Professional

Richard Chandler is a seasoned executive coach and psychotherapist with a unique ability to deeply understand relationships, their psychological intricacies, and the nuances of effective communication.

Richard Chandler's multifaceted background, combined with his profound understanding of human behavior and relationships, has made him a sought-after facilitator and leadership coach for businesses, non-profits, and government units seeking to enhance leadership skills, team collaboration, and adaptability to ever-changing organizational challenges.

Grant Chandler Digital Media Consultant in Minnesota

Grant Chandler, BFA, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Grant is a marketing technology consultant focusing on process and workflow improvement. Foundations in marketing, visual design, small business consulting and front-end web development aid in representing business needs to technical staff and technical processes to business staff.

Grant helps businesses move more boldly towards effective digital marketing and web-based processes to deliver more economical results. He does his work through Strategic Leadership Consultants and his own digital Agency, Briarwood Consulting Services.

Experienced Consulting Across Varied Organizations:




Healthcare Practices


Insurance & Finance


Organic Agriculture


Legal Services


Property Management

Is Leadership Business Consulting for You?

  • You head up an organization whose continued success depends on the quality of your decisions
  • Your organization has a handful of employees or a workforce in the hundreds
  • You have the authority to make the major decisions in your organization
  • You would like to confide in someone who can grasp the complexity of your organizational challenges
  • Complete confidentiality is of vital importance for you
  • You would like to receive unbiased feedback
  • You wish to reallocate your time, away from operation and towards creative strategic planning and personal time

Why Contact Us?

We Focus On Your Strategic Opportunities for Profit

Reviews from Our Clients

“I have been working with Richard on a monthly basis since May of 2015 on improving my effectiveness as a business owner and partner. Through insightful dialog, Richard has helped me improve my outlook and approach to challenging problems. I credit my work with him for dramatically improving my relationships with key partners and for improving my leadership skills. I believe the value of my time and investment with Richard has been paid back tenfold in improved attitude and performance in my life.”

Joseph Meyer, CEO of Central Minnesota Manufacturing Company
Joseph Meyer, CEO of Pristine Environmental, Full Circle Water
“Thanks so much, Richard; you provided such a valuable workshop for our office. We are already using many of the tools and have a great understanding of our different styles of communication. I would absolutely recommend that any business would benefit from your expertise and individuals as well. You are very professional and easy to understand. Thanks again for helping me and my business!”
Naomi Kowalik, Owner and CEO
Naomi Kowalik, JD, CLU, ChFC, CLTC, CMFC

“After over four years of working with Richard, I now find myself working in areas of strategy and sustainability of my business for the long term. It was difficult for me to get out of the daily rituals that consumed my business day. There have been times when I have wondered if I have given away too much to my new management team, but seeing our company growing without some of my direct interaction is proof that the decisions I have made, with the guidance of Richard, were the best for my business. Working on the business, rather than in the business, is a significant milestone for any leader within an organization. As hard as it was to make the first step in consulting with Richard, it has been one of the single most important and valuable decisions I have made in my career."

A 100-Employee Distribution Company Owner & CEO
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