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Strategic Leadership Consultants' Richard Chandler and Grant Chandler offer a wide range of assessments and workshops designed to increase organizational cohesion and further your business' objectives. Richard Chandler, MA, LPC, draws from his experience as a psychotherapist, executive coach and business partners counseling, together with his certifications as a Myers-Briggs® Master Practitioner and Level 2 Adaptability Professional to offer assessments and workshops that benefit your business at every level.


Grant Chandler utilizes his experience as a marketing technology expert, business process consultant and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt to improve your processes and efficiency. If you are interested in inquiring further about services listed below or would like to request a no-cost consultation, fill out our brief contact form.

As the pace of change has quickened, disruptive technological tsunamis have become commonplace, and workplace stress has strained employees’ mental health and well-being. A workforce that can continually adapt is required. But how do you make this happen in your organization - today and into the future?

With the help of a certified Level 2 AQai professional using the AQai assessment, you can directly measure adaptability in 17 distinct dimensions.

Coworkers evaluating organizational adaptability
Improving communication through Myers-Briggs

Have you been puzzled by how challenging it has been for your teams to get along well with their fellow teammates, or even with other teams? Have you had difficulties communicating effectively with your business partner, to the extent that it has had an affect on your operations?

There is a way to help people communicate and work together much more effectively. In my work with clients, I draw on my experience as a psychotherapist, executive coach, business partners counselor, and MBTI® Master Practitioner to take people through the Myers-Briggs® Step II Assessment. This more sophisticated assessment deepens the lessons you may already be familiar with from the more standard Myers-Briggs® Assessment.

Finding a presenter who will deliver compelling content, engage your audience, and do so within your budget can be challenging. Richard Chandler intends to exceed your expectations so you can feel good about the result as evidenced by appreciative feedback from your participants. Detailed at the linked page are strategic leadership topics that may be of interest to you and your organization.

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