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Richard Chandler, MA, LPC Speaker for a Workshop in St Cloud, MN

Finding a presenter who will deliver compelling content, engage your audience, and do so within your budget can be challenging. I intend to exceed your expectations so you can feel good about the result as evidenced by appreciative feedback from your participants. Below are strategic leadership topics that may be of interest to you.

Focused Workshops Build Leadership Skills

Reinforce your company's vision and goals. Whether you wish to explore executive coaching and consulting or find out more about scheduling an in-house or offsite workshop, I would welcome talking with you about you your company's goals for growing your organization.

  • Length of talks and workshops may "flex" to your organization's needs from keynotes up to half-day workshop presentations
  • Workshops are tailored to your organization's unique needs. I apply the content to your industry.
  • You receive a written description of the workshop so you may promote it.
  • My workshops are engaging and interactive to the extent your people wish to participate.
  • Participants will receive a written outline of the presentation.

Workshop Participants Said:

"I gained a better understanding of how humans communicate via body language."
- Brent Generaux - Full Circle Water

What I Enjoyed:

  • Great topics
  • Practical advice
  • Real examples
  • Good discussions
  • Diversity of group - various industries
  • Included multicultural issues in the presentation
  • Nice, intimate group - everyone was very open

Overall, very helpful and pertinent issues. Thank you!
- An Arrowhead Manufacturing & Fabricating Association of MN participant

Stop Misunderstanding Coworkers - “Myers-Briggs®” & “People Styles at Work”

Learn psychological personality type insights from “Myers-Briggs®” and “People Styles at Work” for clear, effective and accurate workplace communications.

  • Learn how to “get” others, even co-workers with very different personalities than yours
  • Discover how Analyzers, Drivers, Expressives and Amiables successfully flex to team-mates and customers to increase their understanding and communications’ accuracy while decreasing mistakes
  • Learn “Myers-Briggs®” and “People Styles at Work” insights for clear, effective and accurate workplace communications.
  • Learn how to “get” others, even co-workers with very different personalities than yours

How to Deliver & Receive Positive, Neutral & Corrective Feedback


Managers learn how to stop delivering awkward, uncomfortable, and unfocused feedback by learning the psychologically-informed feedback skills required to be clearly understood the first time. Instead, give your direct and indirect reports focused, effective feedback!

  • Set the stage to maximize receptivity
  • Successfully deliver positive, neutral and critical feedback
  • Psychologically tailor your feedback
  • Minimize your recipient’s defensiveness
  • Confidently maximize acceptance and follow-through from your feedback

6 Essential Core Leadership Skills


New and experienced leaders will learn psychologically-informed communication tools that motivate. Learn these 6 “must-have” core leadership skills and lead your team to excellence!

  1. A Leadership Mindset. The patterns of thinking and behavior that inspire and create accountability.
  2. Your Perspective vs. Others. Employ  "psychological personality type" to more deeply listen and understand.
  3. Giving & Receiving Effective Feedback. How to provide the feedback needed to actually change behavior.
  4. Defining Projects and Moving those Projects Forward to Successful Completion.
  5. Transforming Conflict Into Cooperation. Creating Cohesion and Shared Purpose 
  6. Building an “All-Star” Team. Growing competent team members into the future leaders. Be ready to build and lead an “All-Star” team!

Strategic Business Decision-making: A Simplified Process

Learn how successful businesses create effective, strategic plans. With this simple decision-making process, business owners and CEO’s simplify strategic decision-making allowing them to focus on profit and cashflow. Use this process to focus on your company’s strategy and slash the complexity of creating a strategic plan.

  1. Decide who decides: You alone.  You, but with the input of associates. Your entire leadership team.
  2. Take a Bottom-up Approach. Analyze your company to identify the specific group of separate business segments.
  3. Categorize each business segment as either a Cash Cow, a Star, a Question Mark or a Dog.
  4. Divest of the Dogs.
  5. Simply apply the most strategic filters to the remaining business segments to complete your decision-making.
  6. Assign roles and responsibilities for completing your strategic plan

Reviews from a Financial Planning Firm

Thank you so much for your expertise in leading the two group sessions and for the time you spent with us individually as well.  The sessions provided insight into our differing work styles. With your professional presence, we were able to talk openly regarding work challenges and also have the opportunity to role play to more effectively communicate or handle an upcoming project or situation.

It was very nice meeting you; again thank you for your time spent with us.

SueAnn M. Perreault
Client Relationship Manager
Kowalik & Associates, LLC

Thanks so much, Richard; you provided such a valuable workshop for our office. We are already using many of the tools and have a great understanding of our different styles of communication. I would absolutely recommend that any business would benefit from your expertise and individuals as well. You are very professional and easy to understand and we will want to see you again in the fall for an update and refresher.  Thanks again for helping me and my business!

Warmest regards,

Naomi Kowalik, JD, CLU, ChFC, CLTC, CFP®, CMFC
Kowalik and Associates LLC

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