3-Month Executive Coaching Package

3-Month Executive Coaching Package

If you alone, or you and your business partners want to make better strategic business decisions to gain a competitive advantage while taking more time off to enjoy your lives more, consider executive coaching with me, Richard Chandler, MA, LPC.

I specialize in helping you implement strategies in your business so you can live more and work less. Together, we will upgrade your role from operations to strategic leadership. How?

  1. Making smarter strategic business decisions
  2. Creating innovations to increase your market share
  3. Learning to use optimal communication tools to strengthen your business relationships with all of your stakeholders

This 3-month engagement leverages your commitment to your business to dive deep into the issues you are facing to collaborate on achieving the best possible results.

I'll help keep you focused on optimizing business relationships, growth and measurable results. But in addition to material success, we will reduce your time in operations, working in your business, so your life becomes balanced so you can enjoy the rewards of your growing business success!

3-Month Coaching Package

$2,743 $2,200

  • Includes 2.5-Hour Critical Issue Jumpstart
  • $543 Discount vs Hourly Rate
  • 3 Assessments for Focus
  • Email Support Throughout
  • Between-Session Resources

Executive Coaching by the Session

$285 Per Hour

  • Each 60-Minute Session Billed Individually
  • Outcomes May Take Longer
  • Assessments Not Included
  • Emails Limited to Scheduling
  • Conversion to Package Pro-Rated

3-Month Executive Coaching Package Format

  • 2.5-Hour Critical Issue Jumpstart: Engage in an intensive exploration of the critical issue at hand, diving deep into its complexities and underlying factors to jumpstart your progress.
  • 6 Implementation Sessions: Work closely with your executive coach through six dedicated sessions to implement strategies and actions that drive meaningful change.
  • 3 Assessments for Focus: Receive three assessments designed to provide insights and clarity on your strengths, areas for improvement, and focus areas for personal and professional growth.
  • Email Support Throughout: Stay connected and receive ongoing support between coaching sessions through unlimited email communication with your executive coach.
  • Between-Session Resources: Access valuable resources, tools, and materials between sessions to support your learning, growth, and progress towards your coaching goals.
  • Retainer pricing available if a longer commitment is desired

Take the Next Step

We can schedule a no-cost consultation to see if it is a good fit.

Ready to Start?

Once payment is complete, we will reach out to schedule an introductory call.


  • 3-Month Executive Coaching Package is $2,200
  • This pricing represents savings of $543 as compared to unbundled and hourly pricing ($713 + $1,710 for sessions, $170 for assessments and email support, $150 for additional resources, which total $2,743)
  • If you decide to change to a longer-term commitment, conversion to a retainer contract is available
  • If the engagement ends early for any reason, we refund the unused sessions and assessments proportionally.
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