Business Partners Counseling Roadmap to Relationship Transformation

Richard Chandler, MA, LPC, Business Partners Counselor, will work with you and your partner(s) to restore your business relationship from hopeless and stalled out to revitalized, optimistic & future-focused!


Business Partners Counseling Roadmap

Phase 1 - Stabilize

We begin by stopping the relationship bleeding. We get clear on your business’s current reality. Together, we map out your unique path to partnership and business success. We apply insights from multiple assessments to reveal deeper motivations for rebuilding trust.

No Sudden Exits

  • Partners commit to relationship rebuilding
  • Reverse discouragement with fair rules of engagement

Mutual Purpose Trust-Building

  • Committing to your shared vision
  • Gaining confidence in your partner's good intentions


Assessments for Clarity

  • Understanding your partner's psychology
  • Revealing your own and each other's uniqueness

Phase 2 - Revitalize

Learn optimal communication tools that turn arguing into agreeing and distancing into productive engagement. Talk through issues that couldn't be talked about without things falling apart. Progress from facilitated crucial conversations to unmonitored ones successfully.

Partnership Communication Method

  • 3 communication rules for buy-in
  • Stop arguing and successfully engage

Discuss the Undiscussable

  • How to really listen
  • Learn to respond, not react

Communication Field Practice

  • Tools to have difficult discussions on your own
  • Debrief those conversations for course correction

Phase 3 - Thrive

We've stabilized and revitalized your business partnership; now it's time to thrive! Build momentum with advanced consensus-building communication. Lock in your progress, course-correct in the face of new challenges, and happily travel into your partnership future!

The Friction to Consensus Formula

  • Learning to account for differing perception filters
  • Searching for mutual ways forward vs. negotiating

Optimizing Strength-Based Roles

  • Identifying each partner's "right work"
  • Supercharging cooperation & rewarding collaboration

Partnership GPS

  • Go with agreement
  • Pause to consider
  • Stop. Be OK with no

Business Partnership Package

With this business partnership package, your partner and you can learn communication skills that are clear and supportive, so you can walk in the door and enjoy your business.

  • We start with 2 back-to-back 60-minute sessions
  • In the 1st one I meet with you individually to hear your personal perspective of what the difficulties have been with your partnership
  • In the 2nd one, I do my best to immediately stabilize your relationship so there are "No Sudden Exits."
  • Our engagement is three months in length to:
    • Stabilize your relationship
    • Learn the optimal business partnership communication tools
    • Revolutionize your business so it is a much stronger business than ever before.
  • Your partner and you can move you steadily forward through weekly 60-minute sessions
  • Assessments allow us to hone in on what is most critical and better understand your partner and you. They include the Myers Briggs© Step II, and the Adaptability AQai Assessments.
  • I provide unlimited email support for urgent matters between sessions

Reach Out To Explore Whether Business Partners Counseling Can Help

Contact me, Richard Chandler, MA, LPC, by email at [email protected], or text or call me at 320-223-9481. We can have a short conversation at no cost. Your partner(s) is welcome to do so too. Doing so as a video call is preferable, but a phone or text conversation also works.

Through our conversation about how business partner consulting could work for your partner and you, your questions will be answered, and you will know if working together makes sense.

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