Business Partnership Rescue for Three Partners

How it Affects the Business

As business partners, your ability to get along with your fellow business owner, and do so without conflict and miscommunication, is every bit as important as it is for married couples. As you might already be experiencing, without open communication, devoid of mistrust, your business partnership risks falling apart.

And a business partnership breakdown can be extremely costly, jeopardizing your financial success and the stability of the other stakeholders of your business, including employees, suppliers, and your customers.

Ideally, counseling for business partners is done by an experienced couples counselor who is also an experienced business consultant and executive coach. But it may be challenging to find someone with experience in both.

Business Partnership Rescue Package

$3,000 8 Weeks

  • Significantly improved outcomes
  • $790 Discount Vs. Unbundled
  • 9 Assessments Included
  • Between-Session Email Support
  • Greater Engagement and Follow-Through from All Business Partners

Business Partnership Rescue by the Session

$285 Per Session

  • Conversion to Package Pro-Rated
  • Outcomes May Take Longer
  • Assessments Not Included
  • Emails Limited to Scheduling
  • Increased Risk of Negative Outcomes than with the Rescue Package

Outcomes of Business Partnership Rescue

  • A stabilized business partner relationship among all three partners
  • Trust among each other to resolve different perspectives and conflict
  • Understand and adjust for each partner's blind spots
  • Past difficulties are behind you, and you are future-focused
  • You and your partners use optimal communication tools
  • A revitalized relationship and business - stronger than ever!

Business Partners Counseling Format:

  • 11 sessions specifically designed for three partners
  • Skills practice, email support throughout, and 3 assessments each over two months
  • We start with individual sessions for each partner (35 minutes). This gives me your personal perspectives
  • In your 1st joint session (60 minutes), we stabilize your relationship so there are "No Sudden Exits"
  • You and your partners rebuild your relationship and improve communication through weekly 60-minute sessions
  • 3 Assessments allow us to hone in on what is most critical and better understand each partner. They include the Myers-Briggs© Step II, the Adaptability AQai Assessment, and People Styles at Work


  • Business Partnership Rescue package is $3,000($3,790 Value) specifically tailored for three partners
  • If we reach the end of the package and you and your partners want to continue working with me as an executive coach, additional 60-minute sessions are $285
  • If the engagement ends early for any reason, we refund the unused sessions and assessments proportionally.

How Much Do You Save With the Business Partnership Rescue Package?

The pricing on the bundled rescue package takes many components into account to maximize your savings:

  • Initial assessments for each business partner at $170 per person, for a total of $510
  • Email support and resources between sessions at $200 per month, for a total of $400
  • 8 joint sessions, for a total of $2,280
  • 3 individual sessions at $200 each, for a total of $600
  • In sum, the value of this package is $3,790, but is available to you for $3,000 - this represents a discount of $790

Ready to Start?

Once payment is complete, we will be reaching out to schedule an introductory call. Ideally, this call would include your business partners.

Have Some Questions First?

We can schedule a no-cost consultation to see if it is a good fit.

“I help business partners and leadership team members whose communication has hit a dead end to restore their business relationship, going from hopeless and stalled out to revitalized, optimistic & future-focused!”

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