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Richard Chandler Strategic Consultant
Richard Chandler, MA, LPC: Strategic Planning Leadership Consultant 

Strategic Planning Consultant:
Richard Chandler, MA, LPC

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CEOs and business owners have found value in consulting with me on their challenges including business relationships between partners or members of the executive team.

My background in business includes decades of self-employment, business, and management consulting work.

Over a three-year timespan, I trained three levels of management at Polaris Industries of Minnesota. I will help you to evaluate your dangers and profit-producing opportunities.

What I learned while earning my master's degree in psychology from Adler Graduate School and as a Minnesota Licensed Professional Counselor helps me to bring owners and CEOs, business partners, and Leadership team members insight on how to effectively deal with friction and complex relationships with key personnel.

I help owners, CEOs, and key executives to focus on their most profitable opportunities to build more significant margins, increased cash flow, and long-term success.

Increased profitability allows businesses to move more boldly towards medium and long-term goals of greater market share through effective digital marketing, leadership competency of team members, and effective processes to deliver consistent results. 

Grant Chandler Digital Media Consultant
Grant Chandler, BFA: Digital Media Consultant 

Marketing Technology Consultant:
Grant Chandler, BFA, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Grant is a marketing technology consultant focusing on process and workflow improvement. Foundations in marketing, visual design, small business consulting and front-end web development aid in representing business needs to technical staff and technical processes to business staff.

Commended for a strategic approach to complex business and technical roadblocks and for providing a high return on investment for process improvement initiatives in highly cross-functional environments.

Grant helps businesses move more boldly towards effective digital marketing and web-based processes to deliver more economical results. He does his work through Strategic Leadership Consultants and his own digital Agency, Briarwood Consulting Services.

In addition to digital marketing and website design for successful small businesses to multi-million dollar companies, Grant began serving in his 4th year as an adjunct faculty "Web & Graphic Design CECT Instructor" for Normandale Community College of Bloomington, MN.







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